Angry woman starts apartment fire because husband smoked all their pot, Ill. police say

Linda Lopez
Riverside Police
Linda Lopez
Riverside, Ill. police via CBS Chicago

(CBS) RIVERSIDE, Ill. - Police say a 33-year-old woman started a fire in her apartment near Chicago Sunday because she was angry with her husband for smoking all their marijuana, reports CBS Chicago.

Time to turn over a new leaf, perhaps?

Linda Lopez had reportedly been living in the Riverside, Ill., apartment for two weeks before she set the fire,  police said.

According to Riverside authorities, they were called to the building by a tenant who heard a fire alarm go off. When police arrived, they said they found a small fire in a planter outside and a second fire inside Lopez's apartment on the second floor.

Firefighters put out the flames, which reportedly damaged an apartment door, wall and floor, and the adjacent hallway, CBS Chicago reported.

The couple had allegedly been "partying and consuming large amounts of heroin on a daily basis," according to police.

Lopez reportedly told police she fell asleep early Sunday and when she woke up, her marijuana was gone. She said she blamed her husband and the argument escalated and she started punching him and threatened to stab him with a knife.

Later, she allegedly poured perfume on towels in the hallway, set them on fire and left the building, police said.

Authorities reportedly called it "an extremely disturbing crime in which the offender had absolutely no regard for human life. She left the building believing that at some point the building would become fully engulfed."

Police said the day before the fire, the couple allegedly went to a mall, shoplifted alcohol and spent the day drinking. They then went to the West Side of Chicago, where Lopez  allegedly performed sex acts for money so that they could buy crack cocaine, officials said.

Lopez has been charged with aggravated arson, which is considered a Class X felony. Her bond was set at $20,000. Prosecutors were reportedly pushing for a $500,000 bond because the building was occupied by other tenants at the time of the fire.