"Angry Birds" new version launches into space

Angry Birds Space app game launched 02:25

(CBS News) The mobile app game "Angry Birds" has been downloaded 700 million times in a little more than two years.

Now, the company that created the wildly addictive game is coming out with a new version, "Angry Birds Space," placing those birds and pigs in zero gravity.

Media entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, former marketing director for the social media giant Facebook, called the new game fun, entertaining and like the older version, very addictive.

"You can literally figure it out in two seconds," she said. "It's one of those games that is so easy to pick up and so impossible to put down."

Zuckerberg said she has already downloaded the new version of the game. The game, she explained, places a particular focus on physics, using zero gravity, new super powers and enhanced graphics.

She added, "We're in this new era of gaming where it used to be that as you progressed in a game, you got punished. The levels got harder and harder. Only super gamers could win. Now we're in this new era of gaming where it rewards you for playing longer and staying and going through the levels."

Zuckerberg said she and her brother Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, were gamers growing up.

"We would pretend to go to bed and sneak off and play Mario Kart," she said. "He would never admit it, but I was a big winner."