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Angered Model Strikes A Pose At Google

Canadian model Liskula Cohen has never shied away from gracing magazine covers or modeling for fashion icons like Armani and Versace. But her successful career is now forcing her to go on the defensive against an anonymous Internet blogger with a serious grudge.

It marks the latest case of cyberbullying to make headlines: former Vogue cover girl vs. Google.

Cohen filed a lawsuit in Manhattan State Supreme Court hoping to reveal the identity of a person who anonymously posted insulting remarks, which she claims are defamatory and malicious, on a blog run by the search engine.

Most of the bloggers comments fixate on Cohen's alleged sexual behavior, often referring to her as a "skank."

Concerned about damage to her reputation Cohen is hoping a court order will force Google, which owns the blog site, to reveal the identity of the person responsible so she can proceed with a defamation lawsuit.

According to Lisa Bloom, a legal analyst for CBS' The Early Show, Cohen has a valid case against Google. "They have been put on notice," Bloom said.

Google responded to the claim by saying they sympathize with victims of cyberbulling but "take great care to respect privacy concerns and will only provide information about a user in response to a subpoena or other court order."

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