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Angelina Jolie-favored charity honors "other mothers"

Angelina Jolie and SOS Children's Villages
Angelina Jolie discusses SOS Children's Villages with Nathalie Nozile and Dr. Heather Paul. Chris Polk/Getty Images

(CBS) Mother's Day has recently passed and Father's Day is just around the corner, so it's likely your parents have been on your mind lately. But in this time between those two holidays, we at Eye on Parenting would like to take note of another kind of parent. Who are they? They're known as "other mothers."

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Check out our talk with Dr. Heather Paul, CEO of SOS Children's Villages-USA, an arm of the world's largest non-profit organization that provides homes for abandoned or orphaned children.


SOS Children's Villages-USA is a favorite charity of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The couple recently donated $150,000 to help kids placed in foster care in the U.S. grow up in a stable home.

SOS Children's Villages-USA is also holding a contest to honor "other mothers." Check out the information below provided by the organization on how to get involved.

The Other Mother Contest is an opportunity to honor that special person in your life...your "Other Mother"!

An Other Mother is a man or woman who "mothered" you when your own biological parent could not. These unsung heroes are sometimes grandparents, sometimes uncles, aunts, family friends, neighbors, teachers or event distant acquaintances who took it upon themselves to help you when you most needed support. SOS Children's Villages will be accepting nominations for The Other Mother of the Year through May 22. A panel of celebrity judges including Miss America will work with SOS to select 10 finalists. The public will then vote for the winners and all finalists will win wonderful prizes! Nominate your other mother now!

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