Angelina Jolie: Answering the personal questions

In speaking with Angelina Jolie about marriage and motherhood, correspondent Bob Simon found her articulate and clear-thinking - despite tabloid rumors to the contrary.

Angelina Jolie: Answering the personal questions

"When you're doing an interview with a celebrity, there are a few questions you just have to ask," Bob Simon says about his profile of actress and director Angelina Jolie.

On Overtime this week, we give you some of those questions and answers to matters that you may have read about while thumbing through tabloids at the grocery check-out line. For example: Will Angelina and Brad Pitt marry? What kind of wedding would they have? Are their children having normal childhoods? What is their family life like?

Also on Overtime, in "Angelina Jolie: Her face, her fame" Angelina talks about her looks. She says she has "big features," and that as she ages looks more like her mother, as well as her Native American and German lineage.

What do others say about her looks? Well, they call her the most beautiful woman in the world. Her response to that: "As long as Brad thinks I'm beautiful, I just don't think about [it]. I wake up and I want to be a smarter person."

And that's exactly what Bob Simon discovered when he interviewed the actress for his "60 Minutes" profile, "Angelina." Bob says Angelina wasn't like "wild, weird, and eccentric" as she is in the tabloids. Rather, he says, she is serious, articulate, focused on her new film about the war in Bosnia, and yes, very beautiful.