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Angelia Jolie On Track

Actress Angelina Jolie is just as likely to be in the headlines for her personal life as well as her film career. Friday she returns to theaters in "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life," a film she thinks audiences will love, even if it is hard for her to watch.

"I think for me I was kind of like, 'Oh, it's me again. Oh god, it's me again. Oh god," she tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "It's always weird to see yourself in a bikini. I don't go to the beach."

But she is the only one complaining. But she does say she is very happy with the sequel. For those not familiar with the film, she describes Lara Croft as an adventurer.

She says, "She is a strong woman. She's not anti-men. She doesn't have a chip on her shoulder. She's sexual and sensual, but she doesn't use her sexuality. She's not a flirtatious, cheap kind of girl. I think she's pretty cool, and fights for what she believes in."

In real-life, she describes herself as, "a mom, first and foremost and somebody who loves other cultures and other people, similar to Lara. Loves to travel. Wants to be useful in this world. Um, and also probably like Lara, a bit crazy, a bit fun. I like to feel free and wild and happy."

Jolie may always seem wild, but she hasn't always been happy. She has just finalized her divorce from husband Billy Bob Thornton; is estranged from her father actor John Voight, whom she says she was never close to, although they did attempt a reconciliation when he co-starred in the first "Tomb Raider" film; and was upset when the press implied there was something salacious about her relationship with her brother when she brought him as her date to the 2001 Academy Awards, but there is one man these days that brings her nothing but joy, her son Maddox.

She says, "I've made a decision to have a child. It just makes life so much better. I know what it is to be a woman now in a different way, the nurturing side of myself. And he's changed my entire life. I feel a sense of purpose and center. And as long as he's happy and he's healthy, nothing else matters to me."

So where does romance fit into her future? Jolie says for now it is not even in the radar. "I'm sure one day I'll have a lover again and that's going to be nice when that day comes." But don't expect any wedding bells.

She says, "But I never say never, but I don't think so. If I married again, he would become a parent to my son. I'm not looking for a father for my son, and I'm not looking for a husband. If at any point I am looking for anything, it would simply be as a woman looking for intimacy with a man or a woman."

What she is certain of is that she wants to have many children. She says, "I want to adopt children. As far as I know, I can have children, but I don't have any desire to. And I feel that my family is across the world and we're going to find each other."

With three Golden Globes and one Oscar, a United Nations Good Will Ambassador, two marriages and one son, next for Jolie is growth as a person.

"I want to become a really good, useful person who can make a difference in this world," Jolie says, "I feel like my life is finally on track and I'm living the life I should be living. And now I want to just do as much with my life as possible."

And that means her career is no longer a priority. She says, "I love acting. I love telling stories. But success and Hollywood is -- I am realistic about it coming and going and not being-- something you should dedicate your life to and count on. I'm fortunate to have it, and I'm glad to keep working."