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This segment was originally broadcast on Dec. 3, 1995.

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

Each of us faces an important question every day of our lives. The question is this: should we clean up when we finish or leave it till later? How people answer this question divides the nation into two groups, Type A and Type B.

Type A: We hang our pajamas in the closet and make the bed as soon as we get out of it.

Type B: We hook our pajamas on the doorknob and leave the bed unmade until we come home at night – if the bed is lucky. The other thing we do with beds is, we never make them.

Type A: After our shower, we hang up our towel to dry.

Type B: We drop our wet towel on the floor.

Type A: We have breakfast with skim milk. We read the front page of the newspaper first.

Type B: We grab a cup of coffee, get something out of the refrigerator and turn to the sports page to see who won.

Type A: When we finish, we wash the dishes and put them back in the cupboard where they belong.

Type B: We pile the dishes in the sink.

Type A: After breakfast, we press what we're going to wear, and when we finish, we coil up the cord and put the iron back in the box it came in.

Type B: We wear it wrinkled. If we do use the iron, we stuff it back in the closet with the cord hanging down. We don't keep the box anything comes in. If it breaks, we can't find the guarantee.

Type A: We get in our car that has a full tank of gas and drive to work. We have plenty of time, and we don't go through yellow lights.

Type B: We think we probably have enough gas, even though the gauge is 'on empty.' We're late, and if we see a yellow light, we speed up.

Type A: When we get to work, we know where everything is because we put everything where it belongs before we left last night.

Type B: We left everything where it was when we quit last night and go right to work, although quite often we can't find what we were working on.

Type A: We get our papers out of the file.

Type B: We don't file things, we pile things.

Type A: There's never been a study done on whether Type A or Type B accomplishes the most in life, but a strange relationship exists between them.

Type B people have contempt for Type A people, but they wish their lives weren't in such a mess. Type A people, on the other hand, are annoyed by Type B people.

But they secretly suspect we have more fun.
Written by Andy Rooney

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