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Andy's Fantasy Football

With talk of a possible upcoming NFL lockout, "60 Minutes Overtime" goes back to 1987, the year a players' strike shortened the NFL regular season from 16 games to 15. Hardcore football fan Andy Rooney had a plan to make sure the games went on.

With Super Bowl season upon us, it's only natural those of us no longer in the hunt would want to look ahead to next season. And, as "60 Minutes Overtime" reported in December, in our Jerry Jones piece, there is a looming lockout of NFL players. But keep one thing in mind: a lockout in March doesn't necessarily mean no football in September. There's a lot of time for negotiation before a season is lost.

We searched our archives and found a classic Andy Rooney segment that harkens back to the last time there was a labor issue: the 1987 NFL strike season. Granted, it was an entirely different matter from the current predicament but it was something to see.

The first two weeks of games were played but then the players began a strike that would last 24 days. The League canceled all Week Three games, as the teams assembled their "replacement players." Those players, referred to by many names including "scabs," played for three weeks before the matter was settled and the regular NFL players returned...still seething at those players who had crossed their "picket line."

So sit back with "60 Minutes Overtime", grab a tub of hot wings and let the Number One NY Giants fan, Andy Rooney, show you his solution for a strike season.