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Andy: Thanks For Writing

Andy Rooney Opens His Mailbag

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

I get a lot of good letters and it makes me feel bad because most of them are nice and I don't answer them. I'd want to write nice answers and nice letters take more time than nasty letters. Nice just doesn't come naturally to me.

This is from Rick Lemler, a PhD. He says, "As a fledgling author about to publish my first book I was wondering if I might entice you into penning a foreword for me?"

Well, I'll tell you Dr. Lemler, I don't "pen" anything. I write it and I wouldn't write a foreword for your book without reading it first and inasmuch as I have no intention of taking the time to read a book by what you call a "fledgling" author. I won't be writing your forward. Sorry about that.

From Norman Axe, U.S. Army Colonel, retired: "As someone who served 31 years I thank you for your comment proposing we reinstitute a draft...I would not permit student deferments and would only exempt persons with serious mental or physical problems. No more 'I have a bad back.'"

A woman named Mary Grace Taylor from Altoona, Pa. writes: "I am a kitchen politician, which is the best kind. At my home, the kitchen is the hub of activity and discussions. Family, neighbors and friends sit over a cup of coffee, contemplating the state of our world. Recently a Bill O'Reilly enthusiast, who would like to be the Speaker of My House, called me "a female Andy Rooney."

This is from Alan Moc, from Sharpsburg, Md.: "I had a dream about you. I don't remember what you were doing but it couldn't have been much because all I remember is your face."

Yeah, that was me all right, Mr. Moc. I don't remember what I'm doing half the time myself.

John Levy, Emlenton, Pa.: "I am writing to ask if you would send me an autographed picture of yourself."

John, I want to say this as nicely as I can – "No."

It's flattering to have strangers write to me. We all like to get mail but day in and day out, mail is one of the most disappointing things in our lives, I think. Never get much of anything. Thanks for writing, though.
Written By Andy Rooney