Andy Rooney ponders e-books

Is an e-book reader in Andy Rooney's future?

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If you were to make a list of all the good things in the world, books would be right up near the top. Someone did a great thing when they invented books. One way or another, books have been around for a long time now, too. I don't really know who invented the printed word but you'd have to put it ahead of things like the airplane or jelly donuts.

I have a friend, Peter Osnos who publishes books and Peter told me that what they call "E-books" - electronic books - are now selling better than paperback books. I doubt it but that's what Peter said and he's in the business. He makes it sound as if every book will be published electronically soon and be read using some sort of electronic device.

I'm not interested in having my books on an electronic device. I want them in books. I want my words in books.

I like having these books I know behind me so, I asked another friend to show me his e-reader.

He told me that you can carry over 3,500 books in just this one little package.

My books have always been important to me. Not just the books I've written, but any book I own. I can't imagine not being able to pick up a book and thumb through it.

One of the first books I wrote a long time ago was called The Fortunes of War. It was pretty expensive then, $7.50. Now you can get it free as an E-book. Not much in that for me.

My friend said that e-readers will eventually make books extinct. I hope that doesn't include authors.

Written by Andy Rooney