Andy Rooney: Not a drop to drink!

Rooney on confusing research on what is safe to eat and drink and what is not

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They are always doing studies, and there are a lot of studies - whatever a study is - that suggest drinking some things that used to be thought to be bad for us are now considered good and drinks which were thought to be good are now considered bad.

It's got so you don't dare drink diet soda because researchers say that can be damaging to your health. I don't pay much attention to any of these alarms because, for that matter, life can be damaging to your health. Particularly in large amounts.

Another study I saw says that sweet drinks increase your blood pressure and your chances of getting fat. Well, I'm already overweight, so is it okay if I have a Coke once in a while?

Thirty years ago they were saying that people who drank a lot of coffee were more apt to increase their chances of getting cancer. Now, a study from Israel says that drinking three cups of coffee a day is good for you and good for your circulation and may even protect you against heart attacks.

I've never paid attention to any of the research and I'm still alive and drinking a lot of coffee. I was in Israel once and that didn't kill me either.

Experts have determined that an occasional glass of red wine may be good for us so you may catch me with a glass at dinner. My attitude is "drink up" because tomorrow they might say it's bad.

What I'm really waiting for is a study that says a lot of ice cream lowers your cholesterol. I mean, I'll eat to that.

Written by Andy Rooney