Andy Rooney: Make Time Last Longer

Rooney's Advice: Slow Down, Don't Plan, And Saver Every Minute

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We're doing a lot of complicated things in the world these days and we're doing them too fast. Something's got to be done about the passage of time. It's got to be slowed down. The days, the weeks, the months and the years go by too fast. Our lives go by too fast.

We're always hurrying time along by looking forward to things tomorrow instead of enjoying today.

Last weekend I heard a television weatherman say that summer was right around the corner. Well, summer is not around the corner. Summer starts on June 21. The corner is still 71 days away. I mean what's the rush?

Planning is bad for the passage of time. Planning anything a month in advance makes that month pass quicker.

In March I was looking forward to the beginning of April because I like April but I was so busy looking forward to April that I forgot to enjoy March which isn't bad, but first thing I knew, March had passed and I'd hardly noticed it.

The days that drag are the days when we have nothing coming up in the future. We could use some of those days because they're what we need more of to make time last longer - days that drag.

So, slow down, don't plan, savor every minute.
Written by Andy Rooney