Andy Ponders The Months

What Are Your Favorite Months? Andy Rooney Has Some Opinions On The Topic

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The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

I was thinking that just about everything is over now that we've had Christmas, the Super Bowl, the election and the Oscars. There's no doubt about it our year is divided up by those events.

They were all good this year. Christmas is always good. The election was good, particularly if you liked Barack Obama.

The Super Bowl and the Oscars get big ratings every year, so television loves both of them. They ought to move one of those to August though because there's not much on television in August.

When I write the name of a month in a script, I'm always surprised how some months are spelled. August is easy but February is strange. "Febuary" is spelled "FebRuary" and not "FebUary" the way we all pronounce it.

Today is March 1st, of course. Most of us like March but I think either May or June would win any vote we took to pick our favorite month. January and February are too cold and July and August are too hot.

Some people would probably pick September, but I don't like endings and I think of September as an ending.

There are a few things that begin in September of course and I like those. The beginning of the television season, the beginning of the football season for example but like everything else, they're moving up the football season. Football used to start in October. Now it starts before the baseball World Series are over.

I live in New York and I prefer living where the weather changes like it does here. We have hot weather in the summer but we have ice and snow in the winter. That's the way it ought to be.

Los Angeles has in-between weather all year long if that appeals to you. Movies made in the big studios are a lot like the weather in Hollywood - the same.

Something I've always wondered is whether or not they sell more clothes in New York stores because of the cold weather than they do in Los Angeles where it's more apt to be warm all year long. I doubt it. The thing you have to remember is, most people don't wear clothes to keep warm. For instance, "warm" is not the issue when women get dressed. I wear the same suit all year long.

Written by Andy Rooney