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Soldier charged with "peeping tom" felonies for secretly posting videos on OnlyFans

A U.S. Army soldier was charged with six "peeping tom" felonies on Tuesday for posting videos of sexual encounters with a woman on the OnlyFans site without her knowledge, said the Cumberland County Sheriff's office. 

Fort Bragg soldier Andrew N. Gomez, 25, invited a woman to his home in Spring Lake, North Carolina, last January and allegedly filmed the pair having sex with a nanny cam, according to the arrest affidavit. The woman knew there was a camera in the living room but didn't know it would be recording, the affidavit said. 

On a separate occasion, Gomez allegedly filmed the woman in the bedroom with his cellphone without her knowledge, the affidavit said. Then Gomez posted the videos on his account on OnlyFans, a content website mostly used for pornography, the affidavit said.

The woman wasn't aware of the videos and only found out about their existence when someone at work alerted her, the affidavit said. During the investigation, detectives said they saw unidentified women on Gomez's OnlyFans account that may be victims as well.

This latest arrest adds to a string of criminal investigations in Fort Bragg. Soldiers at the base in North Carolina have been recently charged with first-degree murder and drug trafficking

During a meeting of the Senate Arms Services committee on March 7,  U.S. Special Operations Command Gen. Bryan Fenton said recent cases at the military installation were corrosive. 

Phone calls to Fort Bragg seeking comment weren't immediately returned.

Gomez was released on a $10,000 bond after appearing before the court on Wednesday, court records show.

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