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Andrew Cuomo to file professional misconduct complaint against New York Attorney General Letitia James

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to file a complaint against New York Attorney General Letitia James with a state judicial committee that reviews allegations of professional misconduct involving attorneys, a lawyer for Cuomo said Thursday.

The attorney, Rita Glavin, accused James's office of "selectively" redacting information in the bombshell sexual harassment report that last year led to Cuomo's resignation from office, as well as including "materially misleading information" in the report, and "slow-rolling" the release of the underlying interview depositions after announcing its findings.

Glavin said James' office has not taken Cuomo's criticisms of the report seriously.

"What she has done and all she has done is she has publicly dismissed our complaints," Glavin said.

"(Cuomo) feels strongly that there was misconduct here, that the attorney general misused her office," Glavin said Thursday while announcing the complaint, which she said will be filed to an Attorney Grievance Committee. She did not commit to making the complaint public.

In a press release following the announcement, a spokesperson for Cuomo said the complaint would also name Joon Kim and Anne Clark, two lawyers hired by James to lead her investigation.

In response, a spokesperson for James' office accused Cuomo of "hiding behind his campaign lawyer and falsely crying 'witch hunt.'" 

"If he thinks he has a real legal case, he should go ahead and file it. These attacks are disgraceful and yet another desperate charade to mask the truth: Andrew Cuomo is a serial sexual harasser," the spokesperson said.

Cuomo has repeatedly denied all allegations of harassment. 

Cuomo resigned in August after the report by New York Attorney General Letitia James detailed accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by 11 women, including former staffers and a state trooper. 

The report prompted investigations by several local district attorneys. They have all since declined to pursue charges, but have called the allegations they investigated "credible."

In the months since Cuomo's resignation, he and his attorney have repeatedly criticized James and the report. In an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, Cuomo declared himself "vindicated." 

Glavin also said Thursday that she is considering asking "relevant district attorneys" to look into allegations she has made of witness tampering and perjury involving at least one of the women included in James' report. 

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