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Kentucky mom who volunteered to help find missing people vanishes

Search underway for missing Kentucky mom
Search underway for missing Kentucky mom who volunteered to help find missing people 02:19

A Kentucky mother who volunteered for a group that helped find missing people is now the focus of an intensifying search after she herself vanished more than two weeks ago. Andrea Knabel, a 37-year-old single mother of two, disappeared on August 13. She left her sister's house upset and was last seen talking on her cell phone, walking toward her mother's house about a half-mile away.

"My life's not the same right now without her," said her sister, Erin Feckler who added, "Just randomly it'll hit you where you'll get really upset."

Feckler and Knabel's father, Mike, said Andrea had recently lost her job and was going through a rough patch.

"It was a total disappearance," Mike Knabel said, adding, "I'm hoping she didn't come out on a busy thoroughfare ... and take a ride with someone to go to someone else's house and never made it and got into the wrong car."

The missing persons volunteer group to which Knabel belongs, Missing in America, has joined the search.

"This is very personal," said volunteer Diane Stump, who observed, "It's heartbreaking. We miss her and we're going to find her. We're going to keep looking until we do."

Stump said she's praying for a happy ending — but there's been no sign of Knabel after more than two weeks.

"Just the more time that passes, the more I worry that this is it," Feckler said. "And maybe that was the last time I was going to see her. So I'm very worried."

Louisville police said they also have no leads. Like Knabel's family, they're hoping someone knows something and will get in touch.

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