Anderson Cooper talks Goldman Sachs and Real Housewives

(CBS News) "60 Minutes" correspondent, daytime talk show host, and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joined "CBS This Morning" on Monday. The jack-of-all-TV-trades discussed his interview with former Goldman Sachs banker, Greg Smith, who appeared Sunday on "60 Minutes" in an interview with Cooper, and talked about what's next for his syndicated daytime talk show, "Anderson Live," now entering its second season.

Cooper talked with CTM co-host Charlie Rose about balancing several TV shows and told Gayle King that if he ever had to choose between his well-documented guilty pleasure, reality TV, or snagging an exclusive with the White House, he would stay true to his hard journalism roots.

"Andy Cohen does 'The Real Housewives,'" he said, "I would do the White House without a doubt."

And, Cooper revealed that these days, he is taking a step back from his reality junkie ways.

"I can watch the housewives from afar...I'm an enthusiast not a participant," he explained. "There was a negativity to it that I don't want to get involved in."

For more from Anderson -- from behind the scenes details from the Goldman Sachs interview to what to expect from the second season of his talk show -- watch the video above.