And The Flame Is Extinguished

The "Survivor" contestants got quite a surprise in the last episode when three members were in one kicked out of the game at once. Will the surprises continue?

To Ulong, the Korer tribe seemed to have the upper hand. But without fire and supplies and in new surroundings, the zest for adventure may decrease for the brown-buffed team. Or will it?

This may be a good opportunity, perhaps, for players to start their alliances, offer leadership and show - - even if it's just for the cameras -- their true colors.

Having had her life in the game spared, Angie Jakusz will play hard and win some friends at Ulong. But her tattoos could get in the way.

Read our analysis of Episode One, watch "Survivor" tonight, and tune in Friday morning when the latest castoff will visit The Early Show to let us know what really went on "Survivor: Palau."