And He Loves Her: Paul May Wed

McCartney Mills September 2000
Will Paul McCartney remarry? CBS News Correspondent Tom Rivers reports the ex-Beatle hints he will.

Paul McCartney says he's happy with the relationship he has with Heather Mills and one day, he may marry her. The 32-year-old former model — who lost part of her left leg when struck by a police motorcycle — also hints that they may tie the knot, but she adds it's still early and we'll have to wait-and-see.

As for seeing what the future may hold McCartney recently visited his old friend from the '60s the Maharishi, who told the 58-year-old former Beatle to enjoy life.

The interviews appearing in London newspapers are all part of the hype in advance of the publication of The Beatles Anthology, which will be published in Britain next month. Advance orders already total 1.5 million copies, and it will be translated into eight languages.

The book, billed as an autobiography of the Beatles, will contain recollections from the three survivors — McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles

"It dispels some of the myths and puts the record straight, as every Tom, Dick and uncle of a friend of the milkman has been writing books on the Beatles since 1963," McCartney told The Telegraph.

The well-oiled Beatles publicity machine is back in operation, reports Rivers, and many of the London Sunday papers are running pre- book launch stories focusing on the various phases of Beatledom. The Mail, for instance, examines the start of the first Fab Four U.S. tour in 1964.

In addition to the three remaining former Beatles, Yoko Ono, producer George Martin and road manager Neil Aspinall all contribute to the book.

The Beatles also top the latest all-time album list in Britain, reports Rivers: Their 1966 ground-breaking Revolver album comes in first on the list compiled by author Colin Larkin with a little help from some 200,000 record buyers who cast their votes.

Other Fab Four albums in the top ten are Sergeant Pepper, The White Album and Abbey Road.

Thirty years after the group broke up Larkin says the Beatles' position in music history remains "unassailable" and unlike many of their contemporaries their music continues to stand the test of time.

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