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An Online Discussion: How To Raise Funds For Jihad?

A member of the Shomookh al-Islam Internet forum, who claims to be part of a militant group, posted a message that prompted a debate on ways to raise funds for jihad. The man, who uses the alias 'Juba,' told other forum members that he and other militants saved the little income they earned to buy material necessary to make their explosives. "But with the ongoing inflation, it has become very difficult for us to keep going," Juba said "We approached forum members, but we were completely ignored," he complained.

One sympathizer advised 'Juba' to approach people within his circle of acquaintances and claim that the money is to help some needy people. Another one pointed that Muslims in Britain made very generous donations to charity organizations run by the Muslim Brotherhood. A third raised the question about the permissibility of using charity money for fighting. Finally, a member calling himself "Martyrdom Seeker," who claimed to have connections to the militants in the Maghreb area, said he will be uploading a document on ways to secure funding that he acquired from his the al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb friends "who are quite experienced in this domain," he said.