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"An Inconvenient Truth" sequel: Gore trailer hammers Trump

Former Vice President Al Gore released a trailer for a sequel to his 2006 documentary “Inconvenient Truth” Tuesday, hours after President Donald Trump rolled back years of Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency regulations by executive order.

If the trailer is any indication of the new documentary’s focus, “An Inconvenient Sequel” will highlight the latest in climate change activists’ fight against global warming, with Mr. Trump as a leading opponent.

“It’s supposed to be 70 degrees today, it’s freezing here,” Mr. Trump says at a rally as the trailer opens.

“Speaking of global warming, where is — we need some global warming,” Mr. Trump continues in the trailer.

Gore’s trailer contrasts lines from Mr. Trump, such as, “Our plan will end the EPA,” with recent natural disasters. The former vice president’s trailer reminds viewers the 2006 film was criticized for saying a combination of sea level rise and storm surge could flood the 9/11 Memorial In New York City, then shows 2012 shots of Hurricane Sandy doing just that.

“This is global warming,” Gore says in the trailer.

Gore, who served under former President Bill Clinton, has become a leading climate change activist in the years since his tenure as vice president. He met in December with Mr. Trump and Ivanka Trump about climate change, an interaction the former vice president described as “extremely interesting.” 

The documentary — with the tagline, “It’s time to fight like your world depends on it” — played at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in January. It will be released July 28.