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An Impressionable Kind Of Guy

You may not recognize his name or his face, but Fred Travalena's voice is heard all over the world. One day, he's Sean Connery; the next, he's Clint Eastwood. Fred Travalena is affectionately called "Mr. Everybody," reports CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

Travalena does more than 150 impressions. When a feature film is set to air on TV, Travalena often is called in to replace the words that can't be said on television.

"I started to get calls for looping various people, like Bob Wagner and Jim Nabors for Best Little Whorehouse In Texas," says the impressionist. "They needed some lines in there, and I did De Niro for Brazil. Things like that."

Travalena voiced Sean Connery in Just Cause. For Casino, he dubbed Joe Pesci.

"The secret," explains Travalena, "is to visualize the actor."

From celebrities to presidents, the people Fred Travalena imitates often become his biggest fans. And it all started as a way to deal with bullies a kid

"When I would get in trouble with tougher guys, I would talk backwards or do the Martian voice...and make them laugh," he says.

Next for Travalena: A musical CD - in his own voice.

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