Amy Schumer magazine cover leads designer to lash out about "fat-lovin' agenda"

A Massachusetts swimsuit designer is facing backlash after she criticized comedian Amy Schumer’s magazine cover with a post on social media that “not everyone should be in a swimsuit.”

Schumer is wearing a white bathing suit on the cover of “In Style” magazine’s “Beauty Issue.” When the magazine posted the image on Instagram on Wednesday, South Shore Swimwear of Cohasset, Mass., commented “Come on now! You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit.”


Amy Schumer on the cover of In Style magazine.

CBS Boston

The comments on the picture quickly turned angry. “I know what swimwear I’ll never buy,” read one comment. “I think she looks amazing! And I’m appalled that a swimwear retailer #southshoreswimwear would say such offensive things!!!!! Awful!” another person commented.

South Shore Swimwear buckled down with another comment. “”I am not fat-shaming anyone. She is a self-proclaimed Cabbage Patch Kid. She fat shames herself in her routine.” 

There were some commenters who supported South Shore Swimwear, or who agreed with negative comments about Schumer. 

The comment went viral, spreading to other social media outlets. Since then, South Shore Swimwear has made all its social media accounts private.

South Shore Swimwear founder Dana Duggan gave a statement to CBS Boston saying she is “not everyone is on board with the fat lovin’ agenda.” 

“What happened to the allure, the beauty and the mystique of high fashion magazines?” said Duggan’s statement. “With the new PC culture anyone and everyone thinks they can be a covergirl swimsuit model and I don’t think it’s right … It may sound harsh but in my opinion, being overweight is not healthy, it’s not stylish, it’s not attractive.”

The comedian has not issued a response.