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Amy Schumer enchants courtroom defending Bill Cosby on "Inside Amy Schumer"

When in doubt -- eat a pudding pop.

Amy Schumer took on the burden of being Bill Cosby's defense attorney in "The Court of Public Opinion" in a dangerously hilarious sketch on Tuesday night's episode of "Inside Amy Schumer."

Schumer, wearing a gray business suit, seduced the trial jury with sweet treats and colorful knit sweaters and regaled them with rhetoric glazing over all the sexual assault allegations made against him.

She began her closing arguments dancing to "The Cosby Show" theme music and then played a clip from the sitcom for the jury and posed the question: "Did anyone feel raped by that? How about drugged? No? Me neither. I felt comforted by a familiar father figure: Nostalgia, happiness, laughter. Not guilty...I am a good person. I like this good show. Last I checked, good plus good did not equal guilty."

To the delight of the jurors and judge, Schumer handed out pudding pops and warmed them up with a surprise gift of patterned sweaters under their seats. Later, Cosby had chocolate cake delivered to the courtroom that Schumer promptly sliced up for all to enjoy.

"Cosby's great -- give us chocolate cake!" she sang.

In her final words, Schumer emphasized to the jury that they have the right to forget about the uncomfortable accusations to enjoy good comedy. "The next time you put on a rerun of 'The Cosby Show' you may wince a little, might feel a little pang. And none of us deserve that. We don't deserve to feel that pang. We deserve to dance like no one's watching and watch like no one's raping."

As the judge and jury danced around the courtroom singing, "Cosby's great, we want chocolate cake" Schumer got a treat of her own.

"Ms. Schumer, Mr. Cosby wanted to thank you for defending him," said a messenger, as he served her a martini on a platter, which she quickly tossed over her shoulder.