Amy Grant on success and the inspiration for her music

Amy Grant performs on "CBS This Morning: Saturday."

(CBS News) It's been 10 years since six-time Grammy winner Amy Grant released a full-length studio album. The singer-songwriter has sold over 30 million records during her three-decade-long career and is touted as the one of the most successful crossover artists of all time.

"I can't even believe I still get to do this. I just never dreamed it would last this long," said Grant.

Grant was just a teenager when she made her debut in Christian music. Her first album was only sold in Christian bookstores, but it sold over 50,000 copies within a year and she was dubbed the "Queen of Christian Pop."

Backstage with Amy Grant

While Grant went on to become the first artist to have a Christian music record go platinum she found even bigger success in the 80s and 90s with crossover hits like "Baby Baby" and "That's What Love is for."

After 10 top-40 hits, the Nashville native who's married to country music star Vince Gill took a break from her career.

Grant told Anthony Mason on "CBS This Morning: Saturday" that she took a break to be at home with her children, and now that they are all in their 20s, she's ready to get back into the business.

(Watch Grant sing "Our Time Is Now" at left)

Her new album, "How Mercy Looks from Here," is a dedicated to her mother, who lost her battle with dementia two years ago.

"I had gone to see her one night right before I packed a bag to go on a tour bus, and I said, 'I gotta go sing, Mom,' and she went, 'Ah you sing?' I said, 'I do. I write songs too,'" said Grant. "I was walking out the door, and she called after me, 'Hey would you do me a favor?' And I said, 'Yeah, what?' And she said, 'When you walk out on that stage, sing something that matters.' You don't even have to be in your right mind to give good advice."

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