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Amtrak's Deadly Crashes

Monday night's Amtrak crash ranks as one of the worst passenger- train accidents in recent history.

The deadliest Amtrak accident occurred Sept. 22, 1993, when 47 people were killed near Mobile, Alabama.

Forty-two passengers and five crew members died when an Amtrak train plunged into the bayou after a towboat pilot became disoriented in a dense fog and plowed a barge into a railroad bridge. Minutes later, the Sunset Limited, with 210 passengers aboard, hit the bent tracks.

Sixteen people were killed in an Amtrak wreck in Chase, Maryland in 1987.

In another serious accident on February 16, 1996, 11 people were killed and 26 injured when an Amtrak train smashed head-on into a commuter train in Silver Spring, Maryland, outside Washington.

In June 1998, a New York-bound Amtrak train hit a semi-truck in Durham, North Carolina, killing the truck driver and injuring ten others.

Three Amtrak wrecks in 1996 caused deaths and injuries.

An Amtrak train carrying mail and 113 people jumped the track in Secaucus, New Jersey that year, sideswiping another train as it landed in a swamp in 1996. Thirty-two people were injured.

Part of an Amtrak train en route to New York from Miami with 426 passengers jumped the tracks and sideswiped two freight cars in a parallel track in 1991. Seven people were killed and 78 others injured.

A Los Angeles-bound Amtrak train carrying 248 people derailed in a remote desert area near Hyder, Arizona, killing at least one person and injuring more than 70. Officials say sabotaged tracks caused the crash.