Amsterdam crash: Police see "no indication" of extremism after car injures 8

The scene of a car accident that left several people injured in Amsterdam.

John Berg/Twitter

Last Updated Jun 10, 2017 5:13 PM EDT

BRUSSELS -- A car struck pedestrians around Amsterdam's main train station on Saturday, injuring eight people. There was "no indication whatsoever" it was an extremist attack, police said.

Six of the injured were hospitalized, with two of them in serious condition, police spokeswoman Marjolein Koek said.

"There is no indication whatsoever that this is a terrorist attack," Koek added.

Police said that the driver was parked in a place where he wasn't allowed to stop and drove off when approached by police and ran into a wall. Two of the injured were hospitalized and three others were treated at the scene.

Police also said that the car was searched and that the driver was questioned. No further details were immediately provided.

The incident received immediate widespread attention after several extremist attacks in Europe over the past year involving vehicles, including one in London last week.

One witness, John Berg, shared his account of the accident on Twitter. "Witnessed a car crash into a crowd by Amsterdam central station. Terrifying!" he tweeted.

The first images from the Amsterdam incident area showed a major police presence around the railway station with first responders treating one person. A black car was shown to be slightly damaged against a low retaining wall close to the station.