Amish sexting case catches Ind. man soliciting underage girl, cops say

Willard Yoder
Franklin County Sheriff's Dept./WKRC

(CBS/WKRC) CONNERSVILLE, Ind. - A 21-year-old Amish man from Indiana is accused of sending 600 texts, nude pictures and videos to a 12-year-old girl, soliciting her for sex, according to CBS affiliate WKRC.

An Amish man...with a cellphone...soliciting an underage girl for sex.

Could this be the Anthony Weiner ripple effect?

Police say 21-year-old Willard Yoder, of Milroy, Ind., intended to have sex with the girl in his horse-drawn buggy. Yoder told them the sexting began when he sent out a random text and got a response, reported WKRC.

The girl's mother discovered that text and went to police, who then set up a sting at a Connersville, Indiana restaurant. When Yoder arrived to meet the girl - yes, in his horse-drawn buggy - police had set up a sting. He was arrested on four counts of soliciting a minor, police said.

Investigators said Yoder later confessed to sending the texts. He was released on bond, and is to appear in court in September.

Even though the Amish typically shun modern technology, Milroy residents said they are used to seeing Amish people with cellphones.

Although perhaps not Amish people with cellphones, sexting.