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Amid H1N1 Flu Fears, Hand Sanitizer Comes To White House Press Room

(CBS/Mark Knoller)
It's official: Hand sanitizing fever is sweeping Washington DC.

As the photo above demonstrates, a large container of hand sanitizer is now in place in the White House briefing room. The shot was snapped today by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller - not long after the president told a Spanish-language town hall audience about the importance of washing one's hands.

Knoller reports that no one in the White House press office seems to know who put the container there.

As CBS News' Bob Fuss reported yesterday, similar dispensers have also come to Congress.

He notes: "In the past few days, electric hand sanitizer dispensers have popped up all over the Capitol complex, at entrances and in hallways and outside every bank of elevators where germ-covered fingers can punch buttons."