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America's Next Top Model

We start the show with Brooke talking about how she is graduating high school but missing her graduation to be on "Top Model." I'm sure that her fellow graduates envy her position.

Tyra does her usual impromptu photo shoot with scary eye makeup and Halloween contacts in. The pictures were freaky but some looked really cool like Melrose, Caridee, and surprisingly Jeada.

The first field trip today is about working their sexuality. Dita Von Teese, the famous burlesque performer and wife of shock rocker Marilyn Manson, gives the girls a lesson in working it. They all get props to work with and, one by one, they attempt to bring sexy back. Some brought the stripper back, like Melrose, while others brought awkwardness back, like Anchal.

Moving on … the challenge this week is for the girls to walk across a full dinner table while being sexy. This sounds easy but, trust me, it's not. Anyone who has had their girlfriends over to do lip synching in their PJs on the table knows it's hard to balance in slippers — let alone heels in front of strangers!

Most handle it well, but Anchal gets slammed by one of the judges of this competition telling her, basically, she's to big for runway! Way to promote healthy self image lady. Melrose, the challenge powerhouse, wins and her prize is a spread in Seventeen magazine. Great prize and she picks Michelle, Amanda and Brooke to shoot with her. Melrose is a force to be reckoned with, like her or not.

The photo shoot this week is creative and fun. Each girl is posing for a cover of a romance novel. And, of course, they are posing with the king of romance novels himself, Fabio! Can anyone say, "I can't believe it's not butter"?

The pictures are cool but it's clear that Brooke is uncomfortable in the shoot, and I didn't like Michelle or Amanda's pictures either.

Melrose's picture, as usual, is fantastic as she played a madam in the picture. As you can see, Melrose has got this sexy thing down. But can she do more? Caridee takes another amazing shot, as well. These two blondes are my faves.

We end up with Brooke in the bottom because of her lack of experience and Eugena right next to her because Tyra says she is not likable right now. And, unfortunately, Brooke is sent home on her graduation day. She cries and Tyra gives her a hug and she's out of modelville.

Love this show!

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