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America's Next Top Model

The show starts with twin Michelle blurting out that she thinks she may be gay. Hmm … weird way to come out of the closet.

Mark Steines from the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" guests on the show and lets the girls try their interview skills on him. Everyone seems to do OK, but Jaeda, AJ, and Amanda seem to stumble all over the place. Amanda just asks him what his shoe size is! Did we really need to know that?

No prize or winner with this, just experience being interviewed. I am sure this knowledge will come into play somewhere in this episode though.

The girls head off to Geof Thomas designs where he is showing his collection. The girls need to work the runway and direct questions to JANICE! Oh, snap. They better be ready for this or she will eat them alive. She gives everyone a hard time but it seems that Melrose handled her the best. Melrose wins and gets to do a story for "ET." Janice gives Melrose major props for doing so well, which I know will just make the girls hate her even more than they already do.

Tyra comes over and does her regular one-on-one talk where all the girls cry. Nothing interesting here.

For the photo shoot, the girls will be posing with themselves but the theme is "celebrity couples." Eugena is doing Jay-Z and Beyonce. First she does Jay Z then runs to get into Beyonce. It's a really cool idea for a photo shoot. Anchal has to be Oprah's boyfriend Stedman and it is very weird to she her dressed as him. It didn't work for me. Caridee gets to be Brad Pitt with two real kids, one cries the whole time, but when she comes out as Angelina she works it.

Brooke gets to work with a REAL yellow python to be Britney Spears. Melrose gets the ultimate compliment while posing as Donald and Melania. He says EVERY frame of hers is great! And AJ really does a terrible job on both of her shots as Marc Anthony and J.Lo. She almost seemed to be joking around and not taking it seriously.

Judging time: Brooke, Amanda, Michelle, but again Melrose's picture is incredible. She is going to be my front runner. Go girl don't let the other hater models get you down.

In the bottom two are AJ and Jaeda with AJ going home. Which is surprising because she has been on the bottom two for a few weeks, but that's how it goes. AJ doesn't seem to upset by her departure so it probably was a good decision.

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