America's Next Top Model

It's time to crown the new queen of top model — well the queen until the next season starts, at least!

We start with the Covergirl photo shoot and commercial. Danielle, who won last season and has now changed her name to "Dani," attempts to help the girls. My advice to the girls: Don't listen!

CariDee, I hate to say, stunk on the commercial. Honestly, the Covergirl shoot is always the worst picture of all the girls because they are extra nervous. This time is no exception. Eugena pulls out a great commercial, but all of the pictures were just OK to me. Melrose had a great commercial and OK picture. To be honest, Melrose and CariDee both looked a little old in the pictures. And the guest judges called CariDee crazy — but crazy is good with models, right?

So, after some deliberation, Eugena gets booted and its a blonde showdown. Melrose vs. CariDee. Who will it be?

The blonde babes start off with the Seventeen magazine photo shoot. The winning picture will grace the cover. They both looked amazing, that's all there is to it.

Moving on, we have the final challenge, the runway challenge. This time they spice up the runway show by making it in a cave with a bride of Frankenstein feel. Very dark and very creepy — I loved it! CariDee steps on Melrose's dress and rips it, which throws her off and pisses her off. But she recovers and puts out the best show on the runway. Hands down.

So now here we are at the final panel with Mr. Jay joining them as a judge. They do a photo recap and the judges say that CariDee is the front-runner in pictures (I don't agree) and Melrose was the front-runner on the runway (which I do agree with). So who will it be? I think these girls are real close, talent-wise, and both will have great careers. But only one can win "America's Next Top Model" and that lucky girl is …

CariDee! She immediately starts crying with joy and Melrose immediately starts crying with sadness. It was a good season and I will miss it. During the downtime, they will be airing Top Model British Invasion. I can't wait.