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America's Next Top Model

The Monique-hating continues in this episode — everyone wishes she was the one to go last week. Please let her go home this week!

The lesson this week is to test balance and posture. The models must walk across a half-inch tightrope. It's circus time, girls!!! All the models seems to rock on this challenge; no one topples over like I was hoping, not even Monique.

Back at the house there is phone drama AGAIN! Melrose was on the phone and Monique is throwing a hissy fit that SHE wants to use the phone.

This girl is crazy, and they need to think about getting another phone in that house before a model get slapped. Eugena seems to have become Monique's only friend, Why? Don't ask me.

In another disgusting and unhygienic fit of Monique rage she actually rubs her UNDERWEAR on Monique's bed. I would give that girl a whupping. She is nuts and really starting to become out of control.

Challenge time, enough panty drama for now. Bree is back from cycle 5 to show the girls how to work the runway. The models must walk a straight line on broken concrete, with heels, masks, and a dress on.

Work it! AJ won the challenge, and she won the chance to model in Dennis Quaid's charity fashion show in Texas and picked Megg and Caridee. I have to admit a Dennis Quaid fashion show is not one of the best prizes they have offered on this show. I will pass!

Monique says she's sick and goes to the hospital. They tell her she is dehydrated and she goes home, WHAAAA!

The photo shoot is a cool runway show. The girls need to work the runway, and at the end of the runway the photographer will take their picture. But there is one catch: The runway is suspended over WATER!

Monique says she is too sick and goes to him withdrawing from the shoot. She has got to go home tonight. Melrose works the runway and so does Eugena, and the twins.

Judging time ... overall the girls' pictures are strong. In the bottom two tonight are Eugena and Monique. No real surprise there. And finally Monique is going home. Everyone looks relived!

I love this show, by the way!!!

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