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"America's Got Talent" quarterfinals continue

Nick Cannon and The Untouchables on "America's Got Talent." Virginia Sherwood/NBC

(CBS News) The third round of quarterfinals kicked off on "America's Got Talent" Tuesday night, with 12 different acts competing to advance to the next round.

The Untouchables, a Latin dance group with kids of all ages, kicked off the performances. Judge Howie Mandel liked how in sync the group was and Howard Stern called them "remarkable."

Next, was Mike Price, the "rock star" juggler. He juggled fire on a unicycle and over a woman. The judges were not impressed and Stern even told him he doesn't think he will advance. Inspire the Fire, a high school singing dance group, didn't receive praise from the judges either. Sharon Osborne thought they were "very, very cheesy" and Mandel deemed the group a "$125 act."

Cristin Sandu, a balancer, took  the stage stacking metal cylinders on their sides and mounting  them, but he couldn't stand for very long. Sandu fell and Mandel buzzed him out. All Wheel Sport, the theatrical extreme sports group, had a lot going on with stunt skaters, bicyclists and dancing girls. The judges couldn't quite wrap their heads around the group, citing a disconnect between TV and the live show, but Mandel told voters to trust them it was good.

Jacob Wiliams, a stand up comedian and All Beef Patty, a cross-dressing singer, both received OK reviews from the judges.

Spencer Horsman, the escape artist, wearing armor and chain mall straps, locked  his arms over his chest. He then was put into a bag that was elevated over spikes. He had 45 seconds to escape before he was dropped and impaled by the spikes. He performed the act behind a screen, which Mandel called  a "failure."

Lightwire Theater, a group that does electro-luminescent wire puppetry, wrapped up the performances, getting a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

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