America's Got Talent

It's time to fill the remaining spaces in the finale. All of Americas four favorite acts are back for another chance, along with two of each of the judges favorite acts, to get a spot in the finale, otherwise known as the wildcard challenge.

Judges are still singer Brandy, the "Hoff" David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan (who is this guy by the way?), with good old Regis hosting the show. Each has a chance to give them an X or a check.

To start is magician Nathan. Magic is a real hard skill to hone because the audience can get really distracted unless you do something spectacular time after time, which is tough.

Nathan starts by making snow out of a piece of paper and a snowmobile appears out of nowhere. I admit I am a huge sucker for magic, so to me he should be in. Check from Brandy, Nigel and Piers.

Bobby Badfingers is next. He is a super snapper. I think his act is really cool. I tried at home, attempting to snap to a song. It's hard, trust me. Not very pretty. Check from Piers, Hoff and Brandy. NEXT.

Jessica Sanchez is the 11-year-old super voice. If only "American Idol" did a kids show. Brandy brought her back as her wildcard. Check from Brandy, Hoff and Piers. NEXT.

The tapping troupe of 'N Sync look-a-likes called All That is armed with army pants and cut off shirts. Check from Brandy, Hoff and Piers. What is up with these judges? They are being way too nice. NEXT.

Hoff brings back Corina the harp player as his wildcard. Harp playing is a lost art, a lost talent. I think it should be revived and hopefully it will after this show because it's just an amazing instrument with an amazing sound. Check from Brandy, Piers and Hoff. NEXT.

Piers looks utterly bored with magicians David and Dania, and to be honest I got distracted at home and started reading the new US Weekly. That can't be good. But did you know that Shanna Mokler and Blink 182's Travis Barker are breaking up? Who would of thought? Must be that "have your own show on MTV curse" (Carmen & Dave, Jessica & Nick). Sorry, back to the show.

Piers asks them if they are dumb because they haven't changed their act. David gets immediately angry and tells him not to dare call him dumb. I agree. Be nice, Piers! This is their life. X from Piers, shocker there. Check from Brandy, and Hoff. I don't think there act is that bad to get an X, I just get distracted easily and I honestly can't figure out how they do those quick changes. NEXT.

Oh, and don't forget to vote for your favorite America!

Piers wildcard is N'Versity. I am not a fan of this group. They look like a group of high school girls performing for a high school talent show, and their voices are not that good. They really shouldn't have been allowed back, sorry. Check from Brandy, Hoff and Piers. What's up with these judges? They were not that good. NEXT.

Natasha Le, the mini piano player is next. She does a rock 'n' roll song that gets a check from Brandy and Hoff, and a big X from Piers. NEXT.

Brandy's next wildcard is Alexis Jordan. Her singing is good but still a little pitchy, and I think she oversang the song a little. But in a few years I believe this girl is going to be a major contender. Hoff and Piers give a check. Brandy gives an X, pointing out her pitchy-ness. NEXT.

Last performer of the night is Hoff's choice, the outrageous Leonid the Magnificent! He is half drag queen-half magician hoop master. I LOVE him. So entertaining! This guy is hula hooping with three metal hoops all while wearing hot-pants, and a crop-top with big X's over his nipples. Seriously, the guy was hula hooping with about 30 hula hoops in platform shoes. I can barely walk in heels! He gets a big CHECK from me. X from Piers, of course, and Hoff, I think they were getting a little scared. Check from Brandy.

Time for judges choice on what act to send to the finals. It's going to be All That!

That's it people. Make sure to vote for your favorite for the big finals!