Americans Open Wallets for Haiti

In every corner of the country, Americans are responding to Haiti's overwhelming need.

In Pittsburgh, Latisha McClelland organized a collection drive.

"They took a tragic loss, and I just felt if I could do anything to help, I would," she said.

Rapidly organized efforts to help Haiti have already brought in millions of dollars in cash, food, water, medicine and other goods. From corporations to community centers, people are chipping in, reports CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston.

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In New York, donors brought goods to Charity: Water, a non-profit group that works with partners in Haiti.

"These are the most critically needed items that our partners have told us about," the charity's Lane Wood said. "They are bandages, gauze, bottled water. We need sleeping bags, blankets, tents."

A Kansas City organization is sending a portable clinic.

"Once it arrives, it's ready to hit the ground running and it has some advantages in being mobile," John North of Heart to Heart said. "You can travel around to different areas and meet needs."

While goods and supplies are important, former President George W. Bush outlined the highest priority Saturday.

"I know a lot people want to send blankets or water," Bush said. "Just send cash."

Bush: Just Send Your Cash

With help from first lady Michelle Obama and the Internet, the American Red Cross is achieving astounding results. The Red Cross' text 'haiti 90999' campaign yielded more $12 dollars since Wednesday.

"It spread so fast on sites like Twitter that almost everybody has seen this text," the Red Cross' Wendy Harman said.

Thirty U.S. corporations, including Pepsico and McDonald's, are pledging at least $1 million each.

Celebrities are also lending their star power to the cause. Actor George Clooney and Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean will host a Hope For Haiti telethon across 11 networks next Friday night.

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