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American U. Dorms Become Summer Home For Some D.C. Interns

This story was written by Kaylor Garcia, The Eagle

As interns from across the country come to D.C. for the summer, many have chosen to live in American Universityresidence halls.Most interns who use AU housing live with the university's summer students in one of the three South side residence halls, according to information on the university's Web site. People involved with the Washington Summer Semester Internship Program live on Tenley campus. Interns pay at least $250 per week for a double occupancy room at AU, and can pay as much as $100 more to live alone in a double occupancy room, according to the Housing and Dining Web site.The summer housing rates are not different from AU's regular housing rates.Nate Davern, a recent graduate from the University of Illinois who lived in Letts last summer, said that while AU's prices are similar to costs at other universities in the area, he found the AU dorms to be the most reasonably priced last year."AU is the cheapest dorm you can stay [at] in D.C.," Davern said.He lived at AU when he came to D.C. for an internship on Capitol Hill, but was unsuccessful in trying to get a room again this year because the slots filled up too quickly. Davern attributes the quick filling to AU's price and the convenience of Tenleytown.Summer residents receive the same services offered during the regular academic year, according to Ed Gahool, associate Guest and Visitor Services director."The housing rate for AU summer students staying in a double room reflects the Academic Year rates, just broken down at a weekly rate," he said.The board of trustees approves housing rates at their biannual budget meeting, according to Galhool.People who stay in Georgetown University's housing pay between $2,485 for a triple occupancy room for ten weeks - a rate $248.50 per week - and $3,591 for a single occupancy room for up to ten weeks - a rate of $359.10 per week, according to Georgetown's Web site.At George Washington University, rooms cost $250-$300 a week, according to the university's Web site.Davern, who is living at GW this summer, said he pays more than he would if he was at AU. However, his room at GWU is suite-style, while a standard room at AU is a double occupancy."AU is really good because it has a lot of amenities and it's a good price," he said.Davern said that while enjoyed his stay last year and would have liked to stay at AU again if he had the opportunity, he felt it was too far away for people with internships on Capitol Hill. Despite some travel inconveniences, Davern said that AU's location is not as bad as Georgetown's."Unless you know a lot of people staying in Georgetown, it's not a good place to stay," he said.

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