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American thought found in Japan still missing

A Virginia native teaching in northern Japan who hasn't been heard from since the earthquake and tsunami hit Friday is still missing -- after her parents were told, by mistake - that she'd been found.

Taylor Anderson, 24, was teaching English. She lived in Ishinomaki, which was decimated by a 33-fooot tsunami spawned by the mega-earthquake.

Her parents back home in Midlothian, Va., Andy and Jean Anderson, were desperately trying to reach her. They were about to be interviewed on "The Early Show" Tuesday when they got a message that she'd been located and was safe.

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Late last night, however, the Andersons were told by the organization Taylor works for, JET, the Japan Exchange Teaching program, that an error had been made and Taylor's whereabouts are still unknown.

"The family hoping and praying, of course, she is in an area that may not yet have been reached by rescuers," co-anchor Erica Hill said Wednesday.

"We reached out to that organization that Taylor is working for," said co-anchor Chris Wragge, "and they had no comment at this time. But as we mentioned yesterday, that section of Ishinomaki, it's a section that's basically cut off from all of civilization at this point. So there is a ... I guess, a remote possibility that she may still be there. So they're holding out hope. At this point, we just don't know."

"What a horrific emotional roller coaster for the family," Hill lamented. "So our heart goes out to them, and, of course, we hope and pray that there is some good news for them very soon."

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