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American Drinks To Luck Of The Irish

It's probably the only pub in Ireland where you can find some Philadelphia sports pennants.

That's because the owner of Finucane's is a transplanted American. Trevor O'Driscoll won the pub nine months ago in a contest sponsored by Guinness.

Sixty-five thousand entrants had to write an essay describing the perfect pint of the stout. O'Driscoll topped them by waxing poetic about the beer's "swirl of black and white."

The pub, worth more than $300,000, was his. He says running it involves a lot more than chugging Guinness and shooting darts.

O'Driscoll says the weather is lousy and sometimes he gets depressed, but overall, his experience has been "amazing." He has inherited a regular clientele that keeps Finucane's not only afloat but profitable in a town with no less than 45 pubs.