Americans pause this week to give thanks, much as the Pilgrims did at the first Thanksgiving in 1621. There are some changes. Waves of immigrants have spiced up the traditional turkey menu and parades and football now are holiday rituals. Below is a look at how Thanksgiving 1999 is being celebrated "from sea to shining sea."

 New York City
The Macy's Parade

Despite a drizzle, crowds lined up early for the 73rd Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. New giant floats included the Millennium Snoopy and Blues Clues.

 Across America
Home For The Holidays

The great American Thanksgiving exodus is at its midpoint. CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod has the holiday travel story with all the trimmings.

Plymouth, Massachusetts
Making A Thanksgiving Peace

Thanksgiving is often recalled as a peaceful gathering of thanks between Native Americans and the English settlers. But how is the holiday seen today by descendents of the tribe that lived where the Pilgrims settled?

 Williamston, Michigan
Turkeys Saved By Adoption

One Michigan couple is helping a couple of gobblers give thanks in an unusual way. Instead of being the feast, they get a feast.

Washington, D.C.
MADD Grades States On DUIs

Mothers Against Drunk Driving issued a Thanksgiving report card on road safety, and finds that most states aren't making the grade - but California gets an A. CBS News' Diana Olick reports

 New York, New York
Miss America Feeds The Homeless

This Thanksgiving more than 175,000 meals will be served to the nation's homeless, in the first ever "Great Thanksgiving Banquet." Miss America is the honorary national chairwoman of the event.

 Columbus, Ohio
Holiday Cards Gain Popularity

Greeting card manufacturers have a lot to be thankful for. Many businesses, seeking to impress their clients, are sending out Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas or New Year's Cards.

Kinston, North Carolina
After The Flood

Hurricane Floyd brought devastating floodwaters. This Thanksgiving weekend, hope is alive even as the community appeals for more help. Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel reports.

 Los Angeles, California
Bob Hope Lights Up Holiday

Entertainer Bob Hope, who has eaten turkey dinners in most of the world's hot spots over the last half century, turned on the holiday lights at Disneyland in what the theme park hopes will become a Thanksgiving week tradition.

Washington, D.C.
A Presidential Fowl Call

In what has become an annual holiday tradition, President Clinton presented two Minnesota turkeys with presidential pardons.