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AMC: We're sorry for spoiling "The Walking Dead" death

If you're a fan of "The Walking Dead," live on the West Coast and follow the AMC series' Facebook page, then you may have come across a big spoiler on Sunday night.

A major character was killed off during Sunday's episode, and AMC posted the news on "The Walking Dead" Facebook page before the episode aired on the West Coast. Not surprisingly, some fans were upset, prompting AMC to apologize:

"We heard your feedback to last night's post, and we're sorry. With zero negative intent, we jumped the gun and put up a spoiler. Please know we're going to work to ensure that, in the future, possible spoilers by official AMC social feeds are killed before they can infect, certainly before the West Coast (U.S.) broadcast of The Walking Dead. As always, thank you for watching, and keep the comments coming. We appreciate all of your support. #RIPSpoiler"

In case you're behind and have avoided social media and news articles thus far, we won't spoil anything for you here. But if you're up to date and want a recap and review of Sunday's episode, click on this link.

"The Walking Dead" returns on Feb. 8.

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