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Amber Hanley, College Student, Stiff Arms Ben Roethlisberger, Drinking Champion

Ben Roethlisberger 2006 or earlier, not with Amber Hanley.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. (CBS/AP) Amber Hanley, a 21-year-old college student who met NFL star Ben Roethlisberger in a Georgia bar, says the Steeelers quarterback wanted more than a just a cute photo with the young co-ed, but she just rolled her eyes and moved on, earning a tongue lashing from Big Ben.

Later, she says, Roethlisberger was hitting hard on another girl.

Illegal, poor taste or just drunk fun?

Hanley's description of last Friday's events at the Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Ga., doesn't shed light on whether Roethlisberger sexually assaulted another woman during a night in which he visited several local bars. Police are now investigating the accusation made by a 20-year old student and the football player has denied it.

But the image problems and perhaps worse are piling up for Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger is facing down a 2009 lawsuit by a woman who claims he raped her in a Lake Tahoe hotel and casino. He denies it.

Recently he has been seen gambling in Las Vegas and, according to the Associated Press, some Pittsburgh restaurant owners complain the man with a $102 million contract skips out on the checks.

Early in his career, Roethlisberger was photographed wearing a "Drink Like a Champion" t-shirt and appeared to be following it's moniker.

Criminal? No. Role model? Probably not.

Still, the man can play. Roethlisberger led the Steelers to Super Bowl victories in 2006 and 2009. He donates generously to charity and according to some fans who met him last Friday night, he was just really "polite with everybody."

According to police, Friday night's alleged victim was taken to a hospital, treated and released and Roethlisberger has cooperated with their investigation.

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