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Judge blocks testimony that Dallas cop acted reasonably in shooting neighbor

Judge blocks testimony in Dallas cop trial
Judge blocks testimony that Dallas cop acted reasonably in shooting neighbor 02:38

A judge has blocked testimony in the trial of a former Dallas cop who claims she mistakenly shot her neighbor last September thinking that the apartment she entered was her own. That blocked testimony was from the lead investigator who explained just to the judge why he thought Amber Guyger's actions were reasonable.

Lead investigator David Armstrong said the layout of Guyger's apartment complex could be confusing. "There were no clear obvious visual signs showing what level you were on," he said.

Guyger was off-duty when she shot and killed Botham Jean last September. Armstrong testified that Guyger lived directly below Jean and going to the wrong apartment was not uncommon, according to other residents.

The only part of Armstrong's testimony the judge blocked was his view that Guyger acted reasonably and did not commit a crime. That's because that's an opinion.

"How many of all floors have walked to the wrong apartment on the wrong floor and put their key in the wrong door?" the defense asked Armstrong, who replied, "That would be 15%"

The jurors will hear from more experts, including a lighting expert to talk about what Guyger might have seen entering Jean's dark apartment and a medical examiner who testified that because of the way the bullet entered his body, Jean would have to have been leaning forward when he was shot. The prosecutors suggested Jean might have been getting off of the couch. The defense says he could have been coming towards Guyger.

The jury also saw more of the graphic bodycam footage from the night of the shooting. Jean's parents were so disturbed by the video they walked out of the courtroom and prompting an apology from the judge.

The trial is expected to continue for about another week.

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