Amber Alert Leads to Missing Milwaukee Mom and Kids, Riding in Car

Javious, Jaleiah, and Katera, children of Lavetta Smith (WDJM)
Javious, Jaleiah, and Katera, children of Lavetta Smith (WDJM)

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS/WDJT/AP) A motorist listening to a baseball game on his car radio heard an Amber Alert that led to the arrest of a Milwaukee woman who disappeared Monday with three young children.

According to CBS affiliate WDJT, police first began looking for Lavetta Smith, 34, and her children, 9-year-old Javious, 7-year-old Jaleiah, and 4-year-old Katera, after rescuers responded to her house about a fire Sunday night. They discovered no one was home, that there had been some damage, and there was no food or clothing inside.

Police said they had information that led them to be concerned about Smith's mental state and the safety of the children. They told WDJT that in May, Smith was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, but left without being treated.

State authorities said a driver who heard a description of Smith's car while listening to a Milwaukee Brewers game Monday afternoon noticed the vehicle in front of him and called authorities.  She was pulled over about three hours after the alert was issued.  In all, there were five children found safe in Smith's car, including the three reported missing.

Those three were returned to their grandmother Monday night.

CBS affiliate WDJT contributed to this story.