"Amazing Race:" Teams Get a Lesson in Geography

"The Amazing Race" (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) The nine remaining teams continued to make their way through Ghana on Sunday night's episode of "The Amazing Race."

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This week's Roadblock challenge first sent the teams to a boxing academy where one team member had to properly tape their hands to specification and then hit a speed bag and jump rope, both for 60 seconds.

Home shopping hosts Brook and Claire buzzed through the challenge and came out in first, maintaining their lead from last week.

The teams were next directed to a Ghanaian elementary school, where they were required to participate in a geography quiz. The task was simple: locate Ghana on the map. All teams felt a sense of embarrassment as they struggled to complete the challenge. Ivy League a cappella singers Connor and Jonathan eventually finished and arrived at this week's detour in first place, followed by father-daughter team Gary and Mallory and then Brook and Claire.

At the detour challenge, each team was required to pick from two choices: "Bicycle Parts" and "Language Arts." Connor and Jonathan whizzed through "Language Arts," which was essentially a word search puzzle, and finished this weeks competition in first place, earning $5,000 each as the winners.

Michael and Kevin struggled through the bicycle challenge that required them to roll a rim with a stick in the high heat. During the challenge, Michael experienced heat stroke and needed medical attention, forcing him to sit back for a bit and hydrate.  After he recovered, the two eventually made it to the Pit Stop, arriving in last place. Fortunately for them, host Phil Keoghan announced that this week was a non-elimination leg, giving them a second chance to compete next week.