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"Amazing Race:" End of Road for 2 Women

Lesbian couple Carol and Brandy were eliminated from the "The Amazing Race" in Sunday night's episode, set in Singapore, after they were targeted for an extra task by another team.

In what the show calls a U turn, the first to reach the surprise station gets to target another team for a penalty, usually performing the second task in an either/or detour. Models Bret and Caite opt to target Carol and Brandy, who already are lagging behind because of an appalling lack of rhythm for a drum challenge. So the two women have to go back and sell 25 ice cream sandwiches from a sidewalk cart.

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For most of that cab ride, they badmouthed Bret and Caite, proving that Caite was right when she complained that they mocked her. They continued the bitchery after they were eliminated, telling host Phil Keoghan they would translate their closing comments into language for a first-grader so Caite would understand.

First to arrive at the pit stop for this leg of the race were brothers Dan and Jordan who chose a fast forward - a particularly difficult task that would allow them to skip the rest of the challenges, which included learning and performing a drum routine, selling ice cream sandwiches, counting hundreds of links in an anchor chain and using Asia's longest zip line.

The fast forward required them to board a a giant Ferris wheel. When it got to the top, they had to crawl from one cabin to another. They did it successfully and proceeded straight to the pit stop. Bret and Caite arrived in second place, followed by cowboys Jet and Cord, who lost time on the drum task. They needed extra lessons in the complex drum routine before they could perform without error on stage.

Detectives Michael and Louie came in fourth, having lost time on the choice of a first task. They started with the drum routine, decided that was too hard and went for the fast forward. When they got to the Ferris wheel, they saw the brothers there and, assuming correctly that Dan and Jordan would successfully complete the challenge, they headed out to sell ice cream sandwiches.

They owe a debt of gratitude to their cabbie. Had he not bought 10 of the sandwiches, they might have come in behind Carol and Brandy.