'Amazing Race 8': A Family Affair

The latest edition of "The Amazing Race" kicks off in a few weeks with a twist. This time, says co-anchor Harry Smith on The Early Show, the mad dash around the globe is going to have a lot more competitors for the $1 million top prize.

It's being dubbed "The Amazing Race, Family Edition," and will feature 10 teams of four, instead of two. Each team will be made up of members of families.

Smith introduces them Tuesday.

First up is the Gaghan family, from Glastonbury, Conn. Nine-year-old Carissa sums up the family's competitive spirit when she says, "It's either you'll be a zero or you'll be a hero."

The Rogers family hails from Shreveport, La., and is used to competition and winning: Daughter Brittney is a former Miss Louisiana, USA.

No glitz or glamour for the Paolo family of Carmel, N.Y., just a desire to win, a little chaos, and a matriarch at the top, the Paolo mom, Marion. She says, "I think there's going to be a lot of personality clashes, but ultimately, Mommy screams the loudest and stomps her feet the hardest, so I might have the ultimate say."

Not all the teams consist of parents and their kids. Team Aiello, of Mansfield, Mass., is led by Tony, who's bringing along his sons-in-law. The guys agree the goal is to win, and not disappoint their father-in-law. "Oh, it's a great motivating factor!" exclaims one of the sons-in-law, Kevin Kempski.