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Amazing new products for pets

The Global Pet Expo just wrapped up in Orlando, Some 800 pet product makers were there, showing off more than 3,000 new gadgets for our furry friends.

CBS News correspondent and "Early Show" resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell scoured the entire floor of the expo, seeking the coolest pet products coming out on the market, and brought many to the show on Thursday. Among them: a hi-tech pooper-scooper, doggie treadmill, spill-proof bowls, and microwavable cat cake!

The following information comes from the web sites named with the product descriptions, unless otherwise noted

Hamster-wheel like dog treadmill: Go Pet USA's PetRun Treadmill $480

From product's promotional pamphlet: "The PetRun treadmill is an excellent source of exercise for all dogs. It's a physical outlet for energetic dogs. It's a great source of exercise for overweight dogs. It's allows your dog to exercise even when the weather doesn't permit. Perfect for owners who do not have the running space dogs require. It also features adjustable speeds to allow for a casual walk or a spirited run." The treadmill features "push button controls to provide gradual increase and decrease in speed." You can also operate the speed and adjust the incline from the included remote control.

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Dog-sized treadmill: Go Pet USA's TreadWheel Treadmill $475

From product's promotional pamphlet: "The TreadWheel is an excellent source of exercise for all dogs. It's dog powered - no electricity needed. It offers free, off-leash exercise so that your dog can run at its own, natural pace. Dogs can use the TreadWheel at any time - even while home alone. It's a physical outlet for energetic dogs. It's a great source of exercise for overweight dogs. It's allows your dog to exercise even when the weather doesn't permit. Perfect for owners who do not have the running space dogs require."

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Pooper scooper-like system: She-Edison's Yard Pup $35

"When doody calls, you need to keep your puppy's yard clean, tidy and sanitary! The YardPup is designed to hold open standard grocery store type bags while the Little Paw helps you scoop, whisk or scrape the doggie doo into the bag. The little Paw is specially designed to work on all surfaces (grass, mulch, rock beds, and patios). Bag attachment is quick, clean and easy with the help of our patented bungie-in-track method of holding the bag on the frame. No more more bending, stooping or touching the yuck with your hands. When a bag is full, just take it off, tie it up and throw it out! Re-load a new bag and go back for more. It eliminates touching yucky items with your hands. It holds open and fills the bag in 1 easy step. It's durable - steel construction with corrosion resistant powder coat finish. It converts a grocery bag into a "Poop Scoop." It minimizes bending, stooping, and twisting. It drastically minimizes your bagging time." It also minimizes bending down - which might be usual for someone with back problems. This is a brand-spankin new product that is only available for pre-order online at this time and will not be shipped until May."

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Finger Painting paint set for dogs: Pup-Casso Art Kit $20

"In just a few easy steps, your dog can unleash its inner artist and become the next Mutt-isse or Dali-mation. And you'll enjoy a fun and interactive time with your pet as it creates a masterpiece you'll cherish forever. Best of all, there's no mess. Your pet's paws will stay clean and dry! Makes a great gift for dog owners of any breed."

Kit Includes:

  • -- 5 Colors of Acrylic Paint (non-toxic)
  • -- 3 Pieces of Canvas Art Paper
  • -- 3 Paint Shields
  • -- 1 Picture Frame
  • -- 1 Surprise Pup Toy

Shopping info:

Spill-proof dog bowls: Neater Feeder $66

"The Only Mess Proof Feeder -The Neater Feeder is the only feeding system on the market that manages the mess by containing and separating spilled food from spilled water! It Protects Your Floors and walls from the stains, mold and damage that can occur from spilled water and food. It saves time - No more cleaning up every time your pet's bowl is bumped, or when your over-eager eater enjoys a meal. It's more Comfortable for Your Pet- because provides a healthier eating environment for your pet. First, it keeps their dining area neat, clean, and more sanitary. It also deters pests from getting to your pet's food or water and reduces the spills and mess that attract them in the first place. Further, the Neater Feeder for dogs is elevated, improving comfort, improving digestion, and reducing neck and joint strain. And Looks Great in Any Home - With its attractive colors and stylish design, the Neater Feeder for dogs and cats will soon become the new piece of furniture you can't live without." The Neater Feeder comes in large, medium, small and cat sizes and are priced $66 - 35 depending on size.

Shopping Info:

Automatic Sensor Bowl (opens when it senses motion): Sharper Image Auto Pet Bowl $48

From a company spokesman: "The food bowl's lid remains closed until your pet approaches. When the sensor detects your pet is near, the lid automatically slides open. The Lid closes in seconds once your pet is finished. It's easy to clean with removable, dishwasher-safe tray. It keeps insects out and odors in! And Pets can't smell their food. It's battery operated and requires 4 AA batteries." This is a prototype and the final product should hit the store shelves by September (at the latest).

Shopping Info:

Attractive cat scratching post: CatIt Design's Ornamental Cat Scratcher $30

"The molded cat scratchers comes in 2 styles: Hourglass and Vase. They product features: special low-shred corn-husk and sisal rope blend. It satisfies a cat's natural scratching instinct. The modern design and are suitable for any décor. The cat scratchers are decorative, add artificial plants for enhanced visual appeal. You can spray with catnip for extra excitement!" These products will be available at retail in early May.

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Microwavable cake for cats: Lucky Paws' PetCakes for Cats $10

From the product's website and a companyspokesman: "PetCakes, the first-ever organic microwavable cat treat that cooks in less than 3 minutes, are available in a Cheese Nip flavor. Each starter kit includes a reusable custom fish-shaped pan (microwavable, dishwasher & freezer safe) and 2 packets of dry mix (which makes a total of 6 treats). Think Duncan Hines meets Easy Bake Oven for your pets. Product is made in the USA. The directions are very simple:


  • 1 packet of dry mix
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of canned tuna, salmon or chicken (you can customize it to your cat's personal taste).


Pour batter into fish-shaped pan and microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. Allow treats to cool before serving. Any left-over treats can be refrigerated for up to 7 days. For special occasions, cat lovers can decorate with PetCakes Frosting - which will be available this summer!"

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Hands-free paw washer (plastic cylinder & mitt): Brushless PawWash $20

The PawWas has "helped dog owners power wash their dog's paws no matter how muddy, sandy, or nasty they have become by going in and outdoors... Just add water to the container, lift up and down to power wash, lift paw out to dry. It only takes 2 minutes or less to clean your dog's paws. The Paw Wash cleans not only the paw area directly and completely but also to the pastern (wrist area) on the front legs and the hock (ankle area) of the rear legs. The Paw Wash was invented to address a need Katie with her dog Sadie unexpectedly encountered early in her life. Just a sixth grader at the time the idea was conceived, Katie was playing with her Lab/German Shepherd mix Sadie one fall day when she became frustrated with the standard ways to try and clean Sadie up before allowing her back into the house. Sadie's paws never seemed to get 100% clean and the hoses, buckets, and towels she used were clunky and ineffective. She asked herself, 'Why not build a paw washing machine for Sadie?' So she did. The timing was perfect for her to incubate, develop, and then test her idea through a school science project with an open topic choice for the students. Needless to say, Katie received an 'A' on her project and the Paw Wash was born." The large Paw Wash is $19.95 + shipping and handling and comes with the Microfiber Paw Wash Mitt - which is to help dry your dogs cleaned paws.

Shopping Info:

Designer dog beds: DoggySnooze Designer Bed $119 - $239

"DoggySnooze is a unique dog bed -- it doesn't fit into one category. It is orthopedic, elevated, chew-resistant (or chew proof for the matter), with bolsters, can be an outdoor dog bed, and a designer dog bed. The DoggySnooze dog bed comes in small, medium and large and in 5 colors - black, brown, sand, green and orange. The can be put on short legs, tall legs or wheels.The indoor dog bed cover is made of durable and breathable fabric and the frame of aluminum alloy. The bolsters are made of dense foam for optional support comfort for the head or to cuddle up against. The bed cover can be easily removed or installed without taking the frame apart!" The beds will be available in May 2011 and it may take a couple months for all online retailers to update their products. Since this isn't in stores yet, the product's suggested retail is $119-239

Shopping Info:, csnstores, or

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