Amanda Knox's Sisters Speak Out from Italy

Perugia, Italy (CBS Early Show) - Amanda Knox, the Seattle native charged with murdering her British roommate in Perugia, Italy, spent another birthday behind bars. She is 22.

In an exclusive CBS The Early Show interview Tuesday, Amanda Knox's younger sisters Ashley Knox, 14, and Deanna Knox, 20, said Amanda Knox said she was hoping she wouldn't spend another birthday and jail and that she made the most of the behind-bars celebration.

"She always finds a way to be happy. She was still smiling," Deanna Knox said.

According to Knox's sisters, Amanda Knox made a cake for her family because she couldn't have one brought to her by her family from outside the jail.

"We sang her happy birthday as she walked in and ate cake with her," Deanna Knox said. "It was only one hour, but we got to spend her birthday with her."

Amanda Knox received presents from her family, but only the ones that were sent to her, Deanna said, because the family can't bring gifts directly to the jail.

The sisters said Amanda Knox described herself as "tranquil" as her trial comes to a close and she awaits a verdict that could result in her spending every birthday in jail until she dies.

"The only sad part," Deanna said, "was the fact that we had to say goodbye."
The sisters are returning home Thursday, while there is a two-month summer recess in Amanda Knox's murder trial.

Amanda Knox is on trial, along with Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, for allegedly killing Meredith Kercher, Knox's British roommate in the central Italian town of Perugia. Knox and Sollecito both deny wrongdoing. They are charged with murder and sexual violence in what prosecutors assert began as a sex game.

48 Hours Mystery looked at the case in a recent episode.

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