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Amanda Knox: I was sexually harassed in prison

Amanda Knox is revealing that during her four-year ordeal behind bars she was sexually harassed by a high-ranking Italian prison administrator, "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Peter Van Sant reported on "The Early Show."

Knox returned to her home in Seattle this week after an Italian appeals court overturned her conviction in the murder of her British roommate in 2007.

A letter written by Knox gives details of the manipulation and sexual intimidation she says she endured while in prison.

For Amanda Knox, freedom comes at a hefty cost

"We learn about sexual harassment inside prison where an administrator would take her up to his office alone at night and say a number of inappropriate things to her, and that left Amanda terrified," Van Sant said on "The Early Show" in advance of a report to air on Saturday night's "48 Hours Mystery,"

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Viewers will hear from Amanda's father, Curt Knox, in the special report. He spoke with Van Sant Wednesday in Seattle, telling him about his daughter's last moments of incarceration and her first days of freedom.

That final journey began earlier this week in Perugia - inside a tense courtroom when the verdict was read. And at first, Amanda Knox and her family didn't quite realize what had just happened.

Curt Knox told Van Sant, "I watched Amanda. And I saw her slump. And I went, 'No.' And then our attorney that speaks English turned around and said, 'She's free.' And I'll tell ya - couldn't be - couldn't be better."

Van Sant said to Curt Knox, "Unbelievable moment."

"Yup," he said. "It's a nightmare period. And we've now kind of woken up and realized that the nightmare's over.

"I lost one of my daughters for a while,' Curt Knox said. "It's not gonna happen again."

When asked if he could believe that Amanda Knox had been freed, Curt Knox said, "I'm still pinchin' myself."

Van Sant asked, "Does Amanda understand that her story grabbed the attention of the entire world, that literally millions of people came to care for her?"

"I think she's beginning to understand that," he replied. "But I think the real first, you know, hit on that was, you know, that press conference when she came to Seattle. I think it really - it really was something that hit her hard, you know, that so many people cared."

At that press conference on Tuesday, Amanda Knox told reporters, "I'm really overwhelmed right now. My family is the most important thing right now, and I just want to go and be with them."

Van Sant asked Amanda's dad, "What sets her off? What makes her emotional?"

Curt Knox said, "Well, just the realization that she's no longer in prison and she's now home. It's huge when you've been in prison for four years for something you didn't do in a foreign country."

So what does Amanda want to do with her life next? Finish her degree, according to her father.

"She, maybe in five years, she may be, you know, an advocate for people that have been wrongfully convicted and trying to have them feel what she felt and let it be known that there still is a light at the end of the tunnel," Curt Knox said/

Van Sant said, "She suddenly has control in her life again."

Curt Knox said of his daughter, "She's almost kind of reborn in a way. I mean, living for four years inside a concrete and steel, you know, prison, and now being able to kind of just look around, smell the air and - and just do what she wants to do, hopefully when she wants to do it, it makes a huge difference."

Van Sant added on "The Early Show" that Amanda Knox can't do everything she wants to do - at least not quite yet. She's become one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Van Sant said her father told him that she would love to do simple things again, such as go out to her favorite places, have an ice cream and visit friends. However, she has not yet set foot in public because of all the news crews and paparazzi camped outside the house - just waiting to take that first picture.

"48 Hours Mystery" airs Saturday night at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m. CT, with a special look back on the Amanda Knox case. Check out a preview of "Amanda Knox: The untold story now.

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